Wilbur & Sweet Pea



The Holidays are fast approaching…
These 2 love birds are looking for a permanent, loving home!

Sweet Pea, the Pitbull mix is a cancer survivor and looking for a home with energy!

Wilbur, a German Shepherd mix is a Senior Star at 13 years of age and special needs.  He would love a home to relax in and a small yard to rest in…

Both babies get along with everyone and are up-to-date on their vaccinations.  Sweet Pea is spayed, Wilbur is not neutered…   Send us a message if you would like to meet either one of these love bugs.

Thank you for visiting our website!




Disabled Buddies Jim Rose & Bugsy!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is San Diego’s All-Species Animal Rescue & Sanctuary! We are partners with San Diego’s Department of Animal Services, San Diego’s Humane Societies, Good Dog Rez Q, the Pasadena and Ramona Humane Societies!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations we depend on the support and kindness of individuals, businesses and communities! We advocate a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. If you love animals-LOVE all animals! Cows, pigs, chickens, ducks are our friends, not food.

Volunteering, Fostering and Adopting are all spokes in the wheel to support our work to serve our animal relations. In-Kind Donations are also welcome. All donations great and small mean everything. AND!, DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

We are coming up on the end of the year and if you need to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year-DO IT RIGHT HERE! DO IT RIGHT NOW!



It’s the 4th of October!
Humans are Celebrating World Animal Day!

rickyhugogandolfFerdinand’s Familia & Rescue is
San Diego’s All Species Animal Rescue & Sanctuary!

Our volunteers and other humans specialize in serving animals with disabilities, attitude problems, many years behind them and not enough days to survive on their own.  Like the Red Cross and Humane Societies, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization.  WE DEPEND ON DONATIONS FROM ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS TO KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN DOING WHAT WE DO BEST!  SERVE OUR ANIMAL RELATIONS.

All of us work very hard to integrate all of our animal relations in the Cross-Species Integration Program.  When animals don’t get along with other animals it’s difficult to find homes.  Not all animals can be placed and they often end up staying with Ferdinand’s Familia’s Sanctuary Program!  Donate Today or Adopt Today-JUST DO SOMETHING TODAY!

All donations are tax-deductible, please consider making a donation today!

The Wandering Stretch…



The Wandering Stretch is about 13-15 years of age.  This Chihuahua/Terrier mix can really get around, hence the descriptive-WANDERING…  Stretch gets along with everyone and never stops wagging his tail!  Humans, dogs, cats, small animals, Stretch is all LOVE!

Stretch’s adoption fee is $100.00.  Application and home visit required.  Send us a message if you want to meet this Handsome Older Gentleman.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Looking for Homes!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is an all-species animal rescue serving Southern California.  We are fortunate to work with so many life communities!  Here are a couple of animal relations looking for homes…

Lionhead Jackson

Jackson the Lionhead is looking for a home. One of 2 lionheads-adopted together!

Sexy Red Tabby Lorenzo!

Sexy Red Tabby Lorenzo!

Please leave a message through the website or email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org if you would like to meet this furry love-bugs!


Summer Ranch Life…



Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue offers public tours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Tours last 60-90 minutes and you can bring carrots and apples for our animal relations.  Large group tours are available with a 2-4 week notice.

All donations to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue CAN NOW BE MADE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE!  If you have any questions, please send us a message or call 619.475.8227.  Thank you for visiting our website!


Michigan on the Mend!

Michigan & Smiley are 2 of Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue’s bottle babies.

This is Michigan…

Bottle Babies of any species may have it a little rougher than Babies who have their mother the first few months of their lives.  Immune systems may not be as strong as a Baby who nursed with their mother’s milk.  In this case, Michigan contracted pneumonia, very quickly…

Under Dr. Gary Amaral's care.

Under Dr. Gary Amaral’s care.

Three days later with the care of our volunteers under the guidance of Dr. Amaral, Michigan is up and eating.  Well, sitting and eating…

MichiganBetterAnimal care often takes time, patience and faith.  At Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue we care for the disabled, aged and behavioral issue animals; animals left behind, abandoned or abused.  Thanks to our volunteers and Dr. Amaral, Michigan has a second chance.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Michigan so we can keep up our work serving our Bottle Babies in need, send us a message or email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org.  Thank you for visiting our website.


Cats in Homes!

Congratulations to TiGi & Muneca!

These 2 long termers found loving homes.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING ONE OF OUR FELINE FRIENDS, please email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org.  Thank you!

The Animals at the Ranch needs your Help

On the 13th of April 2016, the ranch was robbed of over $8000 worth of equine equipment including saddles, medical kits, tools and bales of hay.
EmptyShedA police report has been filed.  This is the third time the ranch has experienced a break-in and robbery.  Unfortunately, this time the impact of this loss will take time to recover.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Ranch Manager, Michael Pratt at 619.850.9442.

Special thanks to Astrid Solórzano and her cameraman Geoff for taking the time to report this story to the communities of San Diego.  With your help our animal relations will be safe…

Adoptions of Baby Goats

In Mid-January, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue supported a generous volunteer and donor who secured the safety of over 27 farm animals.  Most animals at a local farm were available for food purchase, many were pregnant and a few were lacking in veterinary care.  The animals were initially taken to the rescue for exams, vaccinations and placement.

Today, many of the farm animals were adopted to loving homes.  A few were given sanctuary at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.  ALL ARE SAFE!
GoatFamilyIf you would like to support our efforts as we secure the safety of our animal relations, all donations are tax-deductible.  We also accept food donations including hay, poultry feed and horse food supplement.  Please send us message if you would like to make a donation of any kind.  Thank you!

ADOPTED! Three Xolos

MannyMoe&JackieUPDATE!  All 3 Xolo Babies have found loving homes!


These 3 love bugs were relinquished to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue from an AKC breeder.  We are thankful to the breeder who decided that adoption is more important than monetary gain with the life of an animal relation.

Born in November 2015, these 3 pups will be available for their new, permanent, loving home the first week of March 2016.  These 3 babies have the dominant gene (with hair); the hairless Xolo exhibits the recessive gene (no hair).  Their adoption fee is $150; this includes spay/neuter and microchip.  Rabies vaccinations can take place at 4 months of age.

Loyal dogs and very playful they will bring happiness to any home.  Please email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org if you are interested in meeting one or all of these 3 love bugs!

2 for 1 Adoptions this July 4th Holiday Weekend!

With a 1940’s wrinkle pouty face, Herman is all love!

Herman was rescued from Canyon de Chelly, Arizona by our friends at Good Dog Rez Q.  Herman is a RezDog.  Herman is about 2 years and about 10 pounds.  This little pup can do anything a big dog can do and Herman is quite the gentleman.  Herman is good with other dogs cats, loves to ride in the car and walks great on a leash.

Herman is neutered and housebroken. Herman is always glad to see you and like to snuggle on the bed at night. Herman is ready for his new loving home.  Please send us a message if you would like to meet Herman!

The 1st of July through the 5th of July, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has a few animal relations with a special adoption program attached to them.  Herman and Pippi, his current playmate can be adopted together for $75.00.  This is includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and microchip.

Herman and Pippi Pan the Pixie!

Herman and Pippi Pan the Pixie!

Piper and Jackson are a pair of bun-buns looking for a home together!

Piper & Jackson, Lionhead Love Bugs!

Piper & Jackson, Lionhead Love Bugs!

The adoption fee for these friendly Lionheads is $40.00. for both babies.

ALL ADOPTIONS REQUIRE A HOME VISIT.  Please send us a message through this website or email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org if you would like to meet our animal relations!




Michigan & Smiley!

Michigan & Smiley and the Crew are doing quite well!
BugsysRudeCrewLiving part-time at the ranch, Michigan & Smiley get visitors including Bugsy and Rudy Rude Boy!  Michigan & Smiley still have their own pen, putting on weight, running around and eating well.  Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts while we bottle fed, treated and monitored Michigan & Smiley through their first 2 months of life!


Michigan & Smiley are a brother/sister team born on the 14th of January 2016.
The lamb siblings were born into squalor conditions to a mamma who wouldn’t lactate for her babies.  Probably due to stress, the babies were separated from the mother and are now cared for by volunteers and constant check-ups with the rescue’s large animal veterinarian.  Michigan and Smiley are bottle fed 5-6 times a day and enjoying alfalfa, and of course their heating pad (shown here).

Michigan & Smiley came into the world with a rough start; from here on out it is smooth sailing.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Michigan and Smiley, please email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Thank you for visiting our website.

ADOPTED! Yule & Solstice-December 2015

YULE now known as WILEY and Solstice is Solstice found wonderful homes with wonderful humans!  A great way to begin the year!  And what a year to watch them grow!


Yule & Solstice are 2 surviving members of a litter of 7 puppies.

During the 1st week of December 2015, Yule, Solstice and their siblings were dropped off at one of San Diego’s County Shelters.  All 7 puppies had parvo.  Two of the puppies had to be euthanized on the spot.  The veterinarian staff worked endlessly to save the lives of the other 5 puppies.  Yule & Solstice made it…

These 2 miracle puppies are a little underweight and are being tended to by volunteers at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.  Solstice & Yule should be ready for their new permanent homes by January 2016.  Thanks to all of the staff at the South Shelter for working with Solstice & Yule.

We are accepting adoption applications for Solstice & Yule.  A home visit is required.

Can’t Adopt?  Donations are greatly appreciated.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.  Please send us a message if you would like to support our efforts as we serve our animal relations…, like Solstice & Yule.  Thank you for visiting our website!




Samhain and Her Crew


In August of 2015 Samhain’s mother was confiscated from a home in the East County of San Diego.  Samhain’s mother was skin and bones when she arrived at the South San Diego Shelter.  She slowly began to put on weight, however the staff noticed the weight was falling to the belly.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue was called in to take the future mother pig.  The very next day she gave birth to 7 piglets, including Samhain.

Samhain was born on the 16th of October 2015.

Co-Founder Janice Jordan noticed Samhain was small compared to her siblings and physically shaking.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue was able to place the mother with 6 of the 7 piglets; Samhain was placed with the rescue.  Janice bottle fed Samhain ever 2-4 hours for the first 6 weeks of her life.  Tiny and strong, Samhain is now 2 months of age and loves her adopted family.
Samhain may be genetically small, but she is strong and healthy.  Her sleeping buddies include Bugsy, Rita Hayworth and Marciano.  All 4 of these wonderful animal relations originated under the care of the Department of Animal Services South Shelter.  The 4 are adopted siblings showing the success of the Culture of Co-Existence Program at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

All donations to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue are tax-deductible.  Your support helps us support animals in need.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Pony Boy & Gandolf

Pony Boy is almost a year old!

Pony Boy has found a wonderful friend in Gandolf…

Gandolf arrived at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue a few years ago through San Diego’s Department of Animal Services.  A Senior Star, Gandolf loves treats and his grass hay.  Gandolf also loved his meet & greet with Pony Boy…
PonyBoy&Gandolf#2Most of Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue large and farm animals are given sanctuary at our facility.  Farm animals usually have a rough life prior to arriving to the Rescue Ranch.  We are happy to offer love, attention and compassion to Pony Boy and Gandolf.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation on behalf of Pony Boy and/or Gandolf, please send us a message through this website or email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org

Corral supplies and a barn are on our current sanctuary wish list.

Thank you for visiting Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!

Mustard The Flash!

Mustard the Flash is a Super Hero!


Mustard is an Alaskan Malamute Mix.
Mustard is about 2 years of age and all love!

Mustard is great with medium & large size dogs.  She should not be in a home where there are cats or small dogs.  Mustard is an escape artist, she can clear a 9 foot fence in a single bound.  She will need a home with a secure yard both in height and ground.  Mustard is very active and will love a human that loves to run!  Mustard is crate trained too!  Mustard is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations.  Her adoption fee is $125.00.


Please call 619.475.8227 or email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org




Blue is about a year and half and sixty-five pounds. He’s had all of his shots, he has been neutered and chipped. He has been well socialized. I take him to off leash parks and to dog beach, and he’s never had a problem with any other dogs or people. He’s house trained, he walks well on a leash, he swims , plays fetch, he loves taking a bath. Blue has a very loving disposition and will do well in a home with another young active dog.

Blue Loves Beds!

Blue Loves Beds!

Please email insalacojames@yahoo.com if you would like to meet Blue. Thank you for visiting Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!

SENIOR STARS! Krampus & Emma!


Emma the Mini Mutt!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue loves the Old Ones..

Emma the Mini Mutt is between the ages of 6-8 years.  Her human died unexpectedly during the Holidays of 2014. Emma the Mini Mutt gets along with everyone, she is so sincere with dogs, cats and other humans. She is a special needs dog.  She will need a patient human with a very loving home.




Krampus came in as a stray to one of San Diego’s local shelters.  He is a little hard of hearing and has a great deal of energy.  Krampus is around 8-10 years of age.  He gets along with dogs, cats and humans!

Krampus is neutered and microchipped and waiting for his new home.  Please send us a message or email us at janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org.  Thank you!







Hannah has a Home!


After 2-1/2 years with Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue, Hannah has a permanent Loving Home!

Hannah was originally from one of the San Diego’s Department of Animal Services facilities.

Hannah came into the shelter with another dog, Teddy.  Teddy, Hannah’s original partner found a home right away.

TODAY!, Hannah has a new playmate and together with their humans it is all love.

Thank you to Jennifer Reitman for introducing Hannah to her new Family.  Congratulations Everyone!


Hannah has a New Home!

Visit the Ranch & Sanctuary!

Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary

is open for tours on Saturday & Sunday mornings!  Put on your walking shoes and bring water for yourself
and carrots and apples for our farm-friendly relations.  Tours last about 60-90 minutes.  Please contact us
for tour start times and space availability!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations
including Lions, Tigers & Bears, the Humane Society and the San Diego Blood Bank, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue depends on the generous donations from organizations and individuals to keep our doors open providing a safe space for the lives of abandoned, disabled, abused and old animals.
ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Donations of food and supplies is appreciated too!

Come on down and say hello to our furry, fuzzy & feathery friends!
Spend an hour or an afternoon bring a bag of carrots or just bring yourself!
Please send us a message at janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org or call 619.850.9442.

Thank you!





Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue’s Education Center is Now Open!

Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers, especially Southwest High School, Professor Hector & Armand for making the dream come true!

Saturday the 13th of December 2014 will be the Grand Opening of the Education Center with a planned Adoption Event.  Mark your calendar and keep the hours of 12Noon to 4:00pm free and come visit the Rescue Ranch!  Please send us a message or call 169.475.8227 for more information.

hi tech high school  2014

Gandolf with High Tech High Volunteers!

Freckled Fergus


Come to the ranch and meet Fergus!


Fergus came to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue from the North County Shelter.  Fergus is going to be a big boy!

Pigs are intelligent animal relations.  They can be potty-trained and walked on a leash.  Pigs have attitudes too!  Pigs make great family members.

In the last 6 months Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has seen a spike in pig relinquishment.  We have had to turn away about dozen pigs in the last 5-6 months.  Fergus was on his last token.  We made some room and found a sponsor for him.  All of us at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue are thankful for our wonderful volunteers and supporters.  With your help, Fergus is now safe!

Babe is an Ambassador…

Babe is a miniature piggy who has been given sanctuary at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Babe is very special little guy.  He came to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue
from a hoarding situation.  Babe was under-socialized when he came into
our program screaming at the top of his lungs anytime someone came near him.  Janice worked with Babe for a little over a month and by
the time he moved to the ranch Babe was allowing Janice to rub his ears,
his nose and his belly.

Babe is living the ultimate pig life.  He loves to see visitors.  When you are at the ranch, please stop by and say hello to Babe.

The Northern Breed


Huskies, Malamutes and WolfDogs are being dumped in Shelters
across the country.  Due to pop cultures shows and movies such as
Games of Thrones and Twilight, everyone wants a Wolf!

The following are images of Northern Breeds that have been found
as strays, relinquished by their human or left behind in an
abandoned home.

UPDATE: Muneca is a Doll!

Muneca is Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue’s
First Bottle Baby of 2014!

Muneca is a miracle bottle baby!  The first of the 2014 season,
Muneca will be ready for her new home in June.

Over a year ago, Muneca was introduced to the world.
Muneca is still here and looking for love!


Even as they grow into adulthood, Bottle Babies are very affectionate and nosy relations.
Muneca will need a human that won’t mind be loved all the time.
Muneca gets along with other cats and dogs too!

Muneca is microchipped and will be spayed and vaccinated prior to adoption.
Muneca’s adoption fee is $50.00.
Please send us a message if you would like to meet Muneca.



Waiting for a loving, permanent home.

It’s Cat & Kitten Season!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has a couple of cats that were kittens from last season still waiting for a home.

When you adopt a cat from Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue your kindness opens the door for our fosters and homebase to bring in abandoned and neglected kittens this Season.

Please send us a message if you would like to meet one of our cats.

Culture of Co-Existence…

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue makes every attempt to acclimate our animal relations to each other…  We attempt to work with behavioral issue animals opening up more opportunities for adoption.  Our program CULTURE of CO-EXISTENCE is a great deal of work focusing on controlled environments of safety, security and comfort.  No animal is ever at risk.  Our volunteers allow the animals to be animals and it is amazing to watch the care that appears between animals and between species.


Bugsy and Rox at morning playtime…


A morning kiss to begin the day…

Bottle babies are the gentlest of all.  Whether kittens, puppies or lambs, bottle babies are nothing but love…

If you are interested in meeting one of our animal relations, please send us a message!  And thank you for your interest in a rescue animal…!


All donations, in-kind or product are tax deductible!  Please contact us at janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org for any questions!


President Michael Pratt with all Love!

IB Pet is located at 600 Palm Avenue in the West Side of IB.  They have holistic and organic food products for all of your animal’s needs!

This is Rufus!

Fighting Cock
Rufus is a Brown Polish rooster.  Rufus loves to strut his stuff around the ranch.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has 4 roosters we call familia, however there are quite a few visitors from other ranches; especially when its feeding time!  When down at the ranch, make sure you say hello to Rufus!

Hacksaw & Jigsaw and Mamma Puzzle!

HACKSAW, JIGSAW & PUZZLE are living life!

Now at a year and half, Hacksaw & Jigsaw are close by their Mamma Puzzle, but all three are discovering their identities and enjoying life.  Both Hacksaw & Jigsaw now have loving Sponsors and Puzzle is quite popular on tour days.

Hacksaw and Puzzle, Jess Brittain

Hacksaw still loving Mamma Puzzle
Photo Courtesy of Jess Brittain

Fall 2014

Say hello to Hacksaw!
An orphaned horse taken in by Puzzle and her son Jigsaw and Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Hacksaw loves hugs!
When you are down at the ranch make sure you give Hacksaw a big hug!


Hacksaw with surrogate mamma Puzzle and Janice!


Hacksaw & Jigsaw have grown out of their milk supplement. Growing into big boyhood!


Gerald Hines & Hacksaw are the best of buddies… Both babies from the same shelter are having a great time at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!



The Und1sputed Ones Support the Bellator Campaign

The Department of Animal Services’ South Shelter is displaying Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue’s Bottle Baby Campaign!





Athletes from North Park Und1sputed in San Diego are coming together to
help Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue educate communities about the importance of Spay/Neuter Program and Adoption over Purchase.  All athletes are posing with Bellator, the underdog kitten who is fighting for the lives of thousands of kittens in this country.


MMA Athlete War Machine & Bellator



Und1sputed Ones ‘Philosopher’ and Bellator

Fosters Needed!


Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue needs responsible, patient and mature Foster Homes for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs!  If you would like to open up your home to a fuzzy or furry friend, please send us a message with your interest in either canine or feline.  Thank you from everyone great and small at FF&R!

CheLukes in a Happy Foster Home!

CheLukes in a Happy Foster Home!


Raccoon needs a permanent home, but a loving foster home is good until he finds the perfect family!

Llama Familia on a Walk


The first Llama walk as a group.  Sulu, Eric & Luis take the Llama crew on their very first walk-ALL TOGETHER.  The ranch exists because of caring and compassionate volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering with Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue, please send us a message.

Supporting the Rez Dogs!

Ferdinand’s Familia working with the Black Hat Human Society!

Donation Delivery in St. John's, Arizona

The Black Hat Humane Society was founded over 10 years ago by Tamara Martin.  Tamara’s goal?, save as many Rez Dogs as possible.  Tamara and the Black Hat volunteers are doing exceptional work in isolated situations.

Unloading the goodies for the Rez Dogs!

St. John’s, Arizona is a secluded mining town.  Ferdinand’s Familia will be delivering donations 3-4 times per year.  If you are interested in donating food, blankets and supplements to the Black Hat Humane Society, please contact janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org or 619.847.4458.  Thank you!


Spirit-Talker & Bagera fighting for Zsanett's attention!

Zsanett Koppenhaver is a newcomer to Ferdinand’s Familia!  You can usually find Zsanett’s friendly smile and happy personality at most of our adoption events.  Zsanett loves small dogs and kittens spending time grooming, holding and sometimes feeding the little ones.  An avid baker, Zsanett makes the best PupCakes!  Just ask the dogs at Ferdinand’s Familia!

Michael & Ringo

Ringo loves Michael

Michael is one of Ferdinand’s Familia’s Officers.  A founding member of Ferdinand’s Familia, Michael is currently the lead horse volunteer.  He spends his extra time training at Undisputed Gym in North Park as well as coaching up and coming competitors.


Aaron Peet is one of our horse maintenance volunteers at the stables on Hollister!  Aaron is the first volunteer to rescue the first horse that came to Ferdinand’s Familia.

Aaron hammin' it up with Rodeo!

Aaron is also a fantastic soccer player and was just awarded his Blue Bet in Jiu-Jit-Su under the direction of Barat Yoshida.  Aaron is also one of Ferdinand’s Familia’s small dog foster parents.  If you would like to help Aaron with the sanctuary horses, please contact 619.850.9442 and ask for Michael.


Carla Naden is a local mixed media artist and an animal life advocate.  Carla travels the world working with local community spay and neuter programs.  She has traveled to Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Samoa; not to mention her ongoing efforts in Mexico assisting local vets and spay/neuter programs.

Carla & Lil' Nugget

Carla is a founder of the Geriatric Compassion Program (GCP) with Ferdinand’s Familia.  Carla works with Southern California Shelters pulling dogs over the age of ten that are scheduled for euthanasia-GIVING THEM A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE!  Lil’ Nugget (pictured above) was scheduled for euthanasia in January of 2010 and is still running around today.  Though this program has no more than 4-6 dogs-it is a wonderful opportunity to educate people on the benefits and joy of adopting an older animal.  Most dogs that come into GCP are available for adoption.  Please contact Carla at carla@carlalovesponies.com

Ferdinand’s Familia on San Diego Living

Volunteers with Ferdinand’s Familia were recently featured on Channel 6
CW’s San Diego Living.  Spay, neuter and commitment were the hot topics
of discussion on the morning’s show.  Mikey, Zsa Zsa, Eva and Tony the
Handsome Rooster were the featured guests.  To view the segment click
or cut and paste the link(s) below.


Windows Media Player:

BECKHAM-Sanctuary Pig!


This is Beckham!

Beckham was given sanctuary about 7 years ago when a breeder was attempting to breed a “pocket pig”.  Beckham runs around the stables with her partner-Wilbur!  Pig kisses to you!


old_chiCHI2Chi-Chi is an ex-Thoroughbred Race Horse and was found abandoned in a local stable in Imperial Beach in 2009.

UPDATE!  Chi-Chi recently found a permanent home up north and having a great time!


old_KenaiKenai came to Ferdinand’s Familia from an Orange County Shelter in November of 2008.  Given sanctuary because she attacked another dog while defending herself, Kenai has made quite a name for herself with the volunteers at Ferdinand’s Familia.  After she discovered no one would hurt her here, she lives with two other dogs and loves to talk to all the humans that come to visit her.

Lila Rose


Lila Rose came to Ferdinand’s Familia after years of breeding at a Thoroughbred Racehorse Ranch.  After a long-time untreated injury, the volunteers at Ferdinand’s Familia attempted to treat a very simple ailment.  Lila Rose was with Ferdinand’s Familia for only 3-1/2 months and touched everyone she met.


old_Rodeo2Rodeo was abandoned in a Tijuana River Valley stable.  Volunteers from Ferdinand’s Familia spent three weeks digging Rodeo and his partner Maggie May out of six months of horse manure.  Rodeo is now sanctuary with Ferdinand’s Familia and loves to kick up his heels in the “BIG CORRAL”!  If you are interested in sponsoring Rodeo, please contact Ferdinand’s Familia.