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LENA aka RAVEN is still helping people with their shoe laces!


Approximately 90% of the animal relations that come to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue are from Southern California Shelters and Human Societies.  Our animal relations have very few opportunities in finding permanent placement if they are not adopted in these facilities.  Private relinquishments are limited to cases of abandonment and adverse health issues.  Lena had a little bit of both…

Lena the Rottweiler Puppy

Lena the Rottweiler Puppy-November 2014


Lena came to Ferdinand’s Familia during the rainstorm of late November 2014.  A neighbor brought her over after she found her on the side of her house.  After locating Lena’s human parents, the neighbor was told they didn’t want Lena anymore and to take her to Janice at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Underweight and covered in fleas she was taken in and given food and a bath.  Due to the overcrowding at the local shelter, it was decided Lena would stay with Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.  After being checked out by the shelter’s medical staff, it was determined Lena was about 8 weeks of age and in pretty good health.

Lena is now on a generous diet of wet food and kibble and should be ready for her new home in about 2 months.

All of us at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue would like to thank our anonymous caring neighbors, the Department of Animal Services and the community for caring about Lena.  There are many more like Lena…  When bringing an animal relation into your home remember it is for life-their life!  ADOPT!  DON’T SHOP!  Thank you.



Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is lucky to be in residence in San Diego.  Mild weather patterns are exceptional for animal health.  However when the air becomes cool and the daylight hours are dwindling you will notice changes in your animal’s behavior.  Sniffles, longer sleeping periods and larger appetites are all normal.  Depending on the breed and species of your animal relation, you will need to talk to your family veterinarian if you notice a change in your furry, fuzzy or feathery friend.
Keep a couple of heating pads around the house if you have cats and/or small dogs.  A light blanket or towel on top of the heating pad makes it very comfy!

Feed your friends in the morning, snack in the evening and keep fresh water available throughout the day.

Animals Seeking Homes

SENIOR STAR CANINES looking for Loving Homes!


DANTE! is a Senior Star who is looking to be the solo act in a loving home.

Dante would be a perfect companion for someone who works from home or retired.  He loves short
walks and will dance the Happy Dance when he is ready to eat!




FRITZ is about 8 years of age, a little hard of hearing and gets along with everyone!
His bark is soft and dull and loves walks.  Great with kids and cats, Fritz is waiting for you!

PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE OR EMAIL if you would like to meet
any of our canine friends!

And thank you for supporting a rescue dog!



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Muneca is a Doll!

Muneca is Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue’s
First Bottle Baby of 2014!

Muneca is a miracle bottle baby!  The first of the 2014 season, Muneca
will be ready for her new home in June.

Bottle Babies are very affectionate and nosy relations.  Muneca will
need a human that won’t mind be loved all the time.  Muneca gets
along with other cats and dogs too!

Muneca is microchipped and will be spayed and vaccinated prior to adoption. Muneca’s adoption fee is $75.00.  Please send us a message if you would like to meet Muneca.

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Waiting for a loving, permanent home.

It’s Cat & Kitten Season!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has a couple of cats that were kittens from last season still waiting for a home.

When you adopt a cat from Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue your kindness opens the door for our fosters and homebase to bring in abandoned and neglected kittens this Season.

Please send us a message if you would like to meet one of our cats.

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TiGi is a MaineCoon Mix.  She is all cat!  Humans are okay about 50% of the time, otherwise she just likes to cruise around the house without being bothered.  TiGi is not a “cuddle” cat but she is love; and loves to play!  TiGi is about 3 years of age and spayed.  She currently lives with other cats and is okay with dogs of all sizes.  TiGi’s adoption fee is $75.00.

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Guppy is with one of our fantastic fosters!

Guppy the Teacup Puppy came to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue a day after Valentine’s Day in 2013.  Guppy is neutered, microchipped and licensed.  Guppy is also disabled.  His back legs
aren’t 100%.  Often walking like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, Guppy’s legs will fall out from under him, however he gets right back
up and runs.  Guppy is not in any pain.  He will need someone who is
very patient and has at least one dog or one cat in their home.

Guppy’s Adoption Fee is $100.00.


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Kizmet & Dragonfly

Kizmet & Dragonfly are a sibling pair from one of San Diego’s shelters.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue was contacted by the shelter to pick them up as they were not presenting well.  Both brothers are now very friendly and are waiting for their new loving permanent home.  They are neutered and microchipped.  The adoption fee for both boys is $125.00.

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