Cats! Kittens! Love!


Waiting for a loving, permanent home.

Binx, Bagera and Piewacket are waiting for a loving home!

It’s Cat & Kitten Season!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has a couple of cats that were kittens from last season still waiting for a home.

When you adopt a cat from Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue your kindness opens the door for our fosters and homebase to bring in abandoned and neglected kittens this Season.

Please send us a message if you would like to meet one of our cats.

2 thoughts on “Cats! Kittens! Love!

  1. Michelle Thorsen

    Hello, we adopted two kittens a few years back. Only one survived and our dog just passed away so our remaining cat needs a friend. It would be best for her if it is a kitten as she is a bit nervous

  2. janice Post author

    Hi Michelle!

    Janice sent you a message a few days back. Get in touch with us upon your return! Thank you for contacting us!

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