A Senior and A Pup… UPDATE!

Say Hello to Ms. Gretel and Fergus!


Ms. Gretel loves to help make beds

Ms. Gretel is 12 years of age and acts like she is TWO!  Ms. Gretel came into one of San Diego’s local shelters as a stray.  She loves humans and is obsessed with cats.  A great snuggler at night, you would never know Ms. Gretel is 12 years of age!



Fergus and His New Loving Family!

Originally from North Eastern Arizona, our friends at Good Dog Rez Q initially secured Fergus’ safety as he was abandoned in a Canyon.  Now a Southern California Boy, Fergus is going to be Sunshine Spoiled for sure!  CONGRATULATIONS FERGUS & FAMILY!

PS-Ms. Gretel is still looking for a Home!




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