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THE SAW BROTHERS! Jigsaw & Hacksaw turning 5!

It’s almost been 5 years since Janice first set her eyes on Jigsaw and Hacksaw…

Both of these big boys were born just about a week apart.  Hacksaw’s mother died shortly after his birth; Jigsaw’s mother took him in…  But by the time the family was taken to the Department of Animal Services, Hacksaw was in bad shape.  Ferdinand’s Familia advocated for Hacksaw and 24/7 care was quickly implemented.  AND LOOK AT THEM NOW!

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Stryder says Hello!

An Old Friends Says Hello!


Stryder came to Ferdinand’s Familia from our friends at the Pasadena Humane Society.  Stryder was with us for awhile before a military veteran stepped up and wanted to give Stryder a home.  Stryder wasn’t given much guidance to the niceties of human interaction, he was shy, ran away and wasn’t comfortable inside a home.  THAT IS ALL OLD NEWS!

Stryder has a wonderful home where he lies on the floor and hangs out with his dog and human pack.  We are so thankful for wonderful humans, like Stryder’s humans!  GO TEAM STRYDER!



Tanaka-A New Resident

Tanaka-a retired Thoroughbred!

Tanaka is a looker…

Tanaka arrived at the Rescue Ranch in late January with his Mini-Donk Paqueno.  Both are great greeters and love apples.  They live together and are inseparable…

Your donation HELPS KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN FOR OUR ANIMAL RELATIONS LIKE TANAKA & PACQUENO!!!!  Donations are tax-deductible!  Support your favorite all-species animal rescue-FERDINAND’S FAMILIA & RESCUE!


Greeters at the Ranch…

One-Half of Pumpkin & Spice love visitors!  Pumpkin and Spice were found running around in the Tijuana River Valley.  The Humane Society assisted with the security of their safety and found their way to the Rescue Ranch!

Most of the farm animals love visitors!  If you are part of a community organization or network and would like your group to visit the ranch, please email for a tour referral.  Thank you for visiting our website!



Feline Friends For You!

Ferdinand’s Familia Loves Felines!

And we have a few looking for loving, permanent homes!

If you like to be told what to do and where to sleep, a feline is just for you!

Ferdinand’s Animal World is Amazing!

Please send us a message if you are interested in bringing a feline into your home!



Whistle’s Journey…

Thanks to the Team Work of many humans, Whistle will be home for the New Year!

The first Freedom Journey leg of Whistle’s Adventure was with the Pasadena Humane Society!

The second leg of Whistle’s Adventure was with JJ Anderson and Tito Molina of Los Angeles’!

The third leg of the Southern California Tour was with Miguel “Iron Man” Sigala…

And the fourth path of Whistle’s journey was with 3 San Diego volunteers…

Whistle will find her permanent loving home the last weekend of 2018!  A beautiful way to begin the new year in her young life with a wonderful human family!!!

Teamwork, Collaboration and Compassion for all animals great and small!



Cauli-Fleur: A Chihuahua and all that!

Cauli-Fleur is a Sexy Senior Star!

Man Cauli-Fleur is a 13 year oldish Chihuahua.  Cauli is sight and hearing limited.  He’s missing part of his jaw and has a right side limp.  Thanks to Carla at Synergy, our collaboration-TOGETHER-secured Cauli’s time.  Looking for a permanent home, Cauli is Special Needs and is lots of great energy and love.  Cauli loves everyone and absolutely loves to snuggle!

Consider fostering or adopting a senior dog today; even if it isn’t Cauli-Fleur!

Send us a message if you want to meet our handsome Man Cauli-Fleur.



Humpty Dumpty Fell Off a Wall…

Say hello to Humpty Dumpty a 30 something Sulcata Tortoise…
Thanks to our friends at the Department of Animal Services and Dr. Cecil, Humpty Dumpty has
a second chance at a much longer life…  We believe Humpty Dumpty was chased by 1 or 2 dogs,
and as he was trying to get away from the dogs, he fell off a 10 foot retaining wall, onto his back,
cracking his shell.  Put back together again, we hope he will be 100% by early Spring 2019.

Thanks to everyone who has sent Humpty Dumpty good wishes and donations for his care.
Special thanks to California Produce for their support.  Thank you for visiting our website!





FRANCE is a Summer 2018 arrival from the Pasadena Humane Society…

France aka Frenchie is a blind babe who just loves water.  Not able to physically see, Frenchie
can feel the presence of humans and loves to follow her seeing eye humans around the ranch.
Due to her specialties, Frenchie has been given sanctuary at the ranch.  And we
couldn’t do it without the support of California’s Communities.

Please visit our Donation Page Today and help us serve animal relations like Frenchie.

Thank you!



Kitten Season 2018

It’s still Kitten Season in San Diego!

This kitten year will be busy for shelters, rescue organizations and humane societies.

Unlike years passed, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue will act as a foster for the Department of Animal Services.  Our foster family network will take kittens in need and return them to our friends at DAS for placement as soon as they are big enough to live on their own.  If you are interested in one of our foster kittens, send us a message and we can notify DAS.

We still have young adults and a few adult cats looking for homes.  Send us a message if you want to bring a feline friend into your home!


Thank you for visiting Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!





Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary and the

Rescue to Recovery in Action!

In 2008, women from a San Diego Residential Recovery home were some of the
first volunteers to help get the Rescue on its’ feet!  Back then, horses were the
primary rescue & sanctuary animals at the ranch.  Walking, grooming and picking up
poop for our equine friends was a Sunday afternoon event for both the women and
the horses.

Thanks to Hector of Southwest High School and a local Residential Program, RESCUE TO RECOVERY is back on its feet and in action.  Taking care of the chickens
and pot-bellied pigs in the rescue and sanctuary is keeping everyone busy.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to pay for transportation costs for
the women of the program, chicken feed, pig feed or any other farm need, please visit
our DONATE TODAY page on this website.  EVERY BIT HELPS!




Elliott The Senior Pig…


Elliott, Pony Boy & Numero Uno

ELLIOTT THE SENIOR PIG…  2 years and more!

Elliott was our first joint placement with Irvine Animal Control.  That was just over 2 years ago!  Elliott is just around 17 years of age and has many more in front of him.  During the rainy season, Elliott is with a foster and enjoys his time, especially eating time with Pony Boy and Numero Uno!

PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TODAY IN SUPPORT OF OUR SENIOR ANIMAL RELATIONS, INCLUDING ELLIOTT!  Visit our donation page on this website.   All donations great and small are welcomed!

Thank you for visiting our website!




Compassion Education at the San Diego Humane Society!

Donate Tuesday and
All Year Round!


Special Needs Buddies Jim Rose & Bugsy!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is San Diego’s All-Species Animal Rescue & Sanctuary! We are partners with San Diego’s Department of Animal Services, San Diego’s Humane Societies, Good Dog Rez Q, the Pasadena and Ramona Humane Societies!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations we depend on the support and kindness of individuals, businesses and communities! We advocate a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. If you love animals-LOVE all animals! Cows, pigs, chickens, ducks are our friends, not food.

Volunteering, Fostering and Adopting are all spokes in the wheel to support our work to serve our animal relations. In-Kind Donations are also welcome. All donations great and small mean everything. AND!, DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

We are coming up on the end of the year AND #GIVINGTUESDAY IS HERE!

If you need to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year-DO IT RIGHT HERE! DO IT RIGHT NOW!





Home for the Holidays! Looking for Loving Humans!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is an all-species animal rescue serving Southern California.  We are fortunate to work with so many life communities!  Here are a couple of animal relations looking for homes…

Gretel is one of our Sexy Senior Stars!

Sissy is a mixed breed, loves to play and is super shy!



Look at that Sweet Pea Face!

Please leave a message through the website or email if you would like to meet this furry love-bugs!





Cats love Homes!

Stripes of Rain and Mija Roja!

Stripes of Rain and Mija Roja enjoying Jamul Sun!

Stripes of Rain and Mija Roja were adopted earlier this year.  BETTER WITH A BUDDY PROGRAM offers 2x the love and a discounted adoption fee(s).  We’ve got a few cats looking for homes.  Nothing but Love!




A 2015 STORY: Samhain and Her Crew


In August of 2015 Samhain’s mother was confiscated from a home in the East County of San Diego.  Samhain’s mother was skin and bones when she arrived at the South San Diego Shelter.  She slowly began to put on weight, however the staff noticed the weight was falling to the belly.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue was called in to take the future mother pig.  The very next day she gave birth to 7 piglets, including Samhain.

Samhain was born on the 16th of October 2015.

Co-Founder Janice Jordan noticed Samhain was small compared to her siblings and physically shaking.  Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue was able to place the mother with 6 of the 7 piglets; Samhain was placed with the rescue.  Janice bottle fed Samhain ever 2-4 hours for the first 6 weeks of her life.  Tiny and strong, Samhain is now 2 months of age and loves her adopted family.
Samhain may be genetically small, but she is strong and healthy.  Her sleeping buddies include Bugsy, Rita Hayworth and Marciano.  All 4 of these wonderful animal relations originated under the care of the Department of Animal Services South Shelter.  The 4 are adopted siblings showing the success of the Culture of Co-Existence Program at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

All donations to Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue are tax-deductible.  Your support helps us support animals in need.  Thank you for visiting our website.



Mustard The Flash!

Mustard the Flash is a Super Hero!


Mustard is an Alaskan Malamute Mix.
Mustard is about 5 years of age and all love!

Mustard is great with medium & large size dogs.  She should not be in a home where there are cats or small dogs; AND NO CHILDREN  Mustard is an escape artist, she can clear a 9 foot fence in a single bound.  She will need a home with a secure yard both in height and ground.  Mustard is very active and will love a human that loves to run!  Mustard is crate trained too!  Mustard is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations.  Her adoption fee is $100.00.


Please call 619.475.8227 or email



Visit the Ranch & Sanctuary!

Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary

is open for tours on Saturday & Sunday mornings!  Put on your walking shoes and bring water for yourself
and carrots and apples for our farm-friendly relations.  Tours last about 60-90 minutes.  Please contact us
for tour start times and space availability!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations
including Lions, Tigers & Bears, the Humane Society and the San Diego Blood Bank, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue depends on the generous donations from organizations and individuals to keep our doors open providing a safe space for the lives of abandoned, disabled, abused and old animals.
ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Donations of food and supplies is appreciated too!

Come on down and say hello to our furry, fuzzy & feathery friends!
Spend an hour or an afternoon bring a bag of carrots or just bring yourself!
Please send us a message at or call 619.850.9442.

Thank you!




Hacksaw & Jigsaw and Mamma Puzzle!

HACKSAW, JIGSAW & PUZZLE are living life!

Now at a year and half, Hacksaw & Jigsaw are close by their Mamma Puzzle, but all three are discovering their identities and enjoying life.  Both Hacksaw & Jigsaw now have loving Sponsors and Puzzle is quite popular on tour days.

Hacksaw and Puzzle, Jess Brittain

Hacksaw still loving Mamma Puzzle
Photo Courtesy of Jess Brittain

Fall 2014

Say hello to Hacksaw!
An orphaned horse taken in by Puzzle and her son Jigsaw and Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Hacksaw loves hugs!
When you are down at the ranch make sure you give Hacksaw a big hug!


Hacksaw with surrogate mamma Puzzle and Janice!


Hacksaw & Jigsaw have grown out of their milk supplement. Growing into big boyhood!


Gerald Hines & Hacksaw are the best of buddies… Both babies from the same shelter are having a great time at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!

BECKHAM-Sanctuary Pig!


This is Beckham!

Beckham was given sanctuary about 7 years ago when a breeder was attempting to breed a “pocket pig”.  Beckham runs around the stables with her partner-Wilbur!  Pig kisses to you!

Lila Rose


Lila Rose came to Ferdinand’s Familia after years of breeding at a Thoroughbred Racehorse Ranch.  After a long-time untreated injury, the volunteers at Ferdinand’s Familia attempted to treat a very simple ailment.  Lila Rose was with Ferdinand’s Familia for only 3-1/2 months and touched everyone she met.


old_Rodeo2Rodeo was abandoned in a Tijuana River Valley stable.  Volunteers from Ferdinand’s Familia spent three weeks digging Rodeo and his partner Maggie May out of six months of horse manure.  Rodeo is now sanctuary with Ferdinand’s Familia and loves to kick up his heels in the “BIG CORRAL”!  If you are interested in sponsoring Rodeo, please contact Ferdinand’s Familia.