Our Charter


  • Ferdinand’s Familia recognizes the importance of animal companionship with both young and old, reaching out to schools, retirement homes and recovery homes.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia recognizes the important work of other animal rescues and animal sanctuaries protecting and sustaining the life of our animal friends.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia supports spay and neuter programs for all animals where possible.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia recognizes that humans must share, protect and respect the Earth’s environment with the other creatures which habitate the planet with us. We believe that it is best to sustain life and earth’s inhabitants in their natural forms.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia promotes vegetarianism, veganism and raw food living as a means to promote both animal and human well-being.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia believes that all natural and domesticated animal species possess a basic right to exist.
  • Therefore, we, the elected officers commission the directors of Ferdinand’s Familia to:
    • promise to treat all creatures great and small with dignity and respect
    • believe that all animals, both warm-blooded and cold-blooded, with four legs, fins, scales or wings desire and deserve food, water and shelter; they possess wants and needs no different than our own.
    • Affirm that all creatures seek life, happiness and freedom from fear just as humans.
  • Ferdinand’s Familia promises to open its’ doors to abandoned, homeless, injured and relinquished animals, making every effort to secure a healthy and happy home for life.
  • If one of our animal friends cannot be placed in a home for life, Ferdinand’s Familia will be the adopted home.
  • We will maintain a healthy, clean and happy environment for every animal that becomes a part of Ferdinand’s Familia.
  • We ask our human sisters and brothers to open their hearts, minds and homes when individual animals need help.

On this day the 30th of August 2008,

Janice Jordan, President