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A Senior and A Pup… UPDATE!

Say Hello to Ms. Gretel and Fergus!


Ms. Gretel loves to help make beds

Ms. Gretel is 12 years of age and acts like she is TWO!  Ms. Gretel came into one of San Diego’s local shelters as a stray.  She loves humans and is obsessed with cats.  A great snuggler at night, you would never know Ms. Gretel is 12 years of age!



Fergus and His New Loving Family!

Originally from North Eastern Arizona, our friends at Good Dog Rez Q initially secured Fergus’ safety as he was abandoned in a Canyon.  Now a Southern California Boy, Fergus is going to be Sunshine Spoiled for sure!  CONGRATULATIONS FERGUS & FAMILY!

PS-Ms. Gretel is still looking for a Home!




Emma & Bevan-SENIOR STARS!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue specializes in Disabled, Old and Behavior-issue Animal Relations.

All adoptions require a home visit.  This is not just for the animal, but for the human too!  Most of the time the Adoptions work out, but every once in awhile a baby will come back to the rescue.  The animals are secure and safe until they find that perfect home.

These 2 Senior Stars are looking for homes!  Both are special needs!  If you would like to meet Emma or Bevan, please send us a message or email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org.  THANK YOU!

Yes, Emma likes sleeping on her human's bed!

Yes, Emma likes sleeping on her human’s bed!

Bevan is 8 years old and Prey Driven..., lots of energy!

Bevan is 8 years old and Prey Driven…, lots of energy!

Ranch Life in the Winter!

Happy Winter Greetings to Everyone!

rancheatdec2016San Diego Animal Relations are so fortunate to be living in a region with such great weather!  Even with the rain storms, drying out can be fun, especially for the pigs in the puddles!

As we move into the New Year, all of us at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue wish all communities a Very Happy and Safe New Year!  AND!, DON’T FORGET TO MAKE THAT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION!  Please visit our DONATE Link on this website-IT’S EASY AND YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE OR ANYTIME!

If you would like a Ranch Tour or meet one of our Adoptable Animals, please send us a message.  THANK YOU!



Wilbur & Sweet Pea



The Holidays are fast approaching…
These 2 love birds are looking for a permanent, loving home!

Sweet Pea, the Pitbull mix is a cancer survivor and looking for a home with energy!

Wilbur, a German Shepherd mix is a Senior Star at 13 years of age and special needs.  He would love a home to relax in and a small yard to rest in…

Both babies get along with everyone and are up-to-date on their vaccinations.  Sweet Pea is spayed, Wilbur is not neutered…   Send us a message if you would like to meet either one of these love bugs.

Thank you for visiting our website!

The Wandering Stretch…



The Wandering Stretch is about 13-15 years of age.  This Chihuahua/Terrier mix can really get around, hence the descriptive-WANDERING…  Stretch gets along with everyone and never stops wagging his tail!  Humans, dogs, cats, small animals, Stretch is all LOVE!

Stretch’s adoption fee is $100.00.  Application and home visit required.  Send us a message if you want to meet this Handsome Older Gentleman.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Looking for Homes!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is an all-species animal rescue serving Southern California.  We are fortunate to work with so many life communities!  Here are a couple of animal relations looking for homes…

Lionhead Jackson

Jackson the Lionhead is looking for a home. One of 2 lionheads-adopted together!

Sexy Red Tabby Lorenzo!

Sexy Red Tabby Lorenzo!


Look at that Sweet Pea Face!

Please leave a message through the website or email Janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org if you would like to meet this furry love-bugs!


Mustard The Flash!

Mustard the Flash is a Super Hero!


Mustard is an Alaskan Malamute Mix.
Mustard is about 2 years of age and all love!

Mustard is great with medium & large size dogs.  She should not be in a home where there are cats or small dogs.  Mustard is an escape artist, she can clear a 9 foot fence in a single bound.  She will need a home with a secure yard both in height and ground.  Mustard is very active and will love a human that loves to run!  Mustard is crate trained too!  Mustard is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations.  Her adoption fee is $125.00.


Please call 619.475.8227 or email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org



Waiting for a loving, permanent home.

It’s Cat & Kitten Season!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue has a couple of cats that were kittens from last season still waiting for a home.

When you adopt a cat from Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue your kindness opens the door for our fosters and homebase to bring in abandoned and neglected kittens this Season.

Please send us a message if you would like to meet one of our cats.