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THE SAW BROTHERS! Jigsaw & Hacksaw turning 5!

It’s almost been 5 years since Janice first set her eyes on Jigsaw and Hacksaw…

Both of these big boys were born just about a week apart.  Hacksaw’s mother died shortly after his birth; Jigsaw’s mother took him in…  But by the time the family was taken to the Department of Animal Services, Hacksaw was in bad shape.  Ferdinand’s Familia advocated for Hacksaw and 24/7 care was quickly implemented.  AND LOOK AT THEM NOW!

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Tanaka-A New Resident

Tanaka-a retired Thoroughbred!

Tanaka is a looker…

Tanaka arrived at the Rescue Ranch in late January with his Mini-Donk Paqueno.  Both are great greeters and love apples.  They live together and are inseparable…

Your donation HELPS KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN FOR OUR ANIMAL RELATIONS LIKE TANAKA & PACQUENO!!!!  Donations are tax-deductible!  Support your favorite all-species animal rescue-FERDINAND’S FAMILIA & RESCUE!


Hacksaw & Jigsaw and Mamma Puzzle!

HACKSAW, JIGSAW & PUZZLE are living life!

Now at a year and half, Hacksaw & Jigsaw are close by their Mamma Puzzle, but all three are discovering their identities and enjoying life.  Both Hacksaw & Jigsaw now have loving Sponsors and Puzzle is quite popular on tour days.

Hacksaw and Puzzle, Jess Brittain

Hacksaw still loving Mamma Puzzle
Photo Courtesy of Jess Brittain

Fall 2014

Say hello to Hacksaw!
An orphaned horse taken in by Puzzle and her son Jigsaw and Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Hacksaw loves hugs!
When you are down at the ranch make sure you give Hacksaw a big hug!


Hacksaw with surrogate mamma Puzzle and Janice!


Hacksaw & Jigsaw have grown out of their milk supplement. Growing into big boyhood!


Gerald Hines & Hacksaw are the best of buddies… Both babies from the same shelter are having a great time at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!


old_chiCHI2Chi-Chi is an ex-Thoroughbred Race Horse and was found abandoned in a local stable in Imperial Beach in 2009.

UPDATE!  Chi-Chi recently found a permanent home up north and having a great time!

Lila Rose


Lila Rose came to Ferdinand’s Familia after years of breeding at a Thoroughbred Racehorse Ranch.  After a long-time untreated injury, the volunteers at Ferdinand’s Familia attempted to treat a very simple ailment.  Lila Rose was with Ferdinand’s Familia for only 3-1/2 months and touched everyone she met.


old_Rodeo2Rodeo was abandoned in a Tijuana River Valley stable.  Volunteers from Ferdinand’s Familia spent three weeks digging Rodeo and his partner Maggie May out of six months of horse manure.  Rodeo is now sanctuary with Ferdinand’s Familia and loves to kick up his heels in the “BIG CORRAL”!  If you are interested in sponsoring Rodeo, please contact Ferdinand’s Familia.