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Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary has jump started the

Rescue to Recovery in Action!

In 2008, women from a San Diego Residential Recovery home were some of the
first volunteers to help get the Rescue on its’ feet!  Back then, horses were the
primary rescue & sanctuary animals at the ranch.  Walking, grooming and picking up
poop for our equine friends was a Sunday afternoon event for both the women and
the horses.

FAST FORWARD TO 2017!  Thanks to Hector of Southwest High School and a local Residential Program, RESCUE TO RECOVERY is back on its feet and in action.  Taking care of the chickens
and pot-bellied pigs in the rescue and sanctuary is keeping everyone busy.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to pay for transportation costs for
the women of the program, chicken feed, pig feed or any other farm need, please visit
our DONATE TODAY page on this website.  EVERY BIT HELPS!



Elliott The Senior Pig…

ElliotRanchFeb2017 (2)

In early February, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue became adoption partners with the Irvine Animal Care Center.  Our first joint placement is ELLIOTT THE SENIOR PIG!

Elliott is fitting in great with all of the farm animals at the rescue ranch.  Elliott’s roommate is another Senior Pig-MS. BECKHAM!  These 2 old souls are full of love and enjoying their retirement.

Tours of the ranch are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  If you would like a ranch tour, including meeting Elliott and Ms. Beckham, please contact Michael at 619.850.9442.  If you would like to make a donation for our ongoing care of Elliott and other Senior Farm Animals, PLEASE VISIT OUR DONATE TODAY page on this website.   All donations great and small are welcomed!

Thank you for visiting our website!



Ranch Life in the Winter!

Happy Winter Greetings to Everyone!

rancheatdec2016San Diego Animal Relations are so fortunate to be living in a region with such great weather!  Even with the rain storms, drying out can be fun, especially for the pigs in the puddles!

As we move into the New Year, all of us at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue wish all communities a Very Happy and Safe New Year!  AND!, DON’T FORGET TO MAKE THAT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION!  Please visit our DONATE Link on this website-IT’S EASY AND YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE OR ANYTIME!

If you would like a Ranch Tour or meet one of our Adoptable Animals, please send us a message.  THANK YOU!



Michigan & Smiley!

Michigan & Smiley and the Crew are doing quite well!
BugsysRudeCrewLiving part-time at the ranch, Michigan & Smiley get visitors including Bugsy and Rudy Rude Boy!  Michigan & Smiley still have their own pen, putting on weight, running around and eating well.  Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts while we bottle fed, treated and monitored Michigan & Smiley through their first 2 months of life!


Michigan & Smiley are a brother/sister team born on the 14th of January 2016.
The lamb siblings were born into squalor conditions to a mamma who wouldn’t lactate for her babies.  Probably due to stress, the babies were separated from the mother and are now cared for by volunteers and constant check-ups with the rescue’s large animal veterinarian.  Michigan and Smiley are bottle fed 5-6 times a day and enjoying alfalfa, and of course their heating pad (shown here).

Michigan & Smiley came into the world with a rough start; from here on out it is smooth sailing.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Michigan and Smiley, please email janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Visit the Ranch & Sanctuary!

Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary

is open for tours on Saturday & Sunday mornings!  Put on your walking shoes and bring water for yourself
and carrots and apples for our farm-friendly relations.  Tours last about 60-90 minutes.  Please contact us
for tour start times and space availability!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations
including Lions, Tigers & Bears, the Humane Society and the San Diego Blood Bank, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue depends on the generous donations from organizations and individuals to keep our doors open providing a safe space for the lives of abandoned, disabled, abused and old animals.
ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Donations of food and supplies is appreciated too!

Come on down and say hello to our furry, fuzzy & feathery friends!
Spend an hour or an afternoon bring a bag of carrots or just bring yourself!
Please send us a message at janice@ferdinandsfamilia.org or call 619.850.9442.

Thank you!