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Who is Who?

iKnowABC: Keeping the Kids (not baby goats) Busy this Summer!

Summer is an exciting time for everyone!

Support literacy and animals at the same time!

In San Diego we are so fortunate to have almost perfect weather to play in during vacation or while school is out!  This summer is going to be especially special for school-aged young people.

During the summer months the ranch is busy with visitors, visitors of all ages! Because we have so many beautiful families that visit the ranch between June and September, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is partnering up with San Diego iKnowABC, an interactive reading program for the very young students in life. This summer IKnowABC is offering an application for our 2-6 years with stories and activities about animal relations!

iKnowABC has been around for years and all of us at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue feel fortunate to be working with the wonderful people at iKnowABC.  And we hope you will support this local San Diego Program while supporting the animals at Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.

Proceeds of the application use will go to Ferdinand’s Familia helping us to serve the animal relations that young people are reading about this summer.

Please visit iKnowABC at https://www.iknowabc.com/ and their Facebook too!

Kitten Season 2018

It is Kitten Season in San Diego!

This kitten year will be busy for shelters, rescue organizations and humane societies.

Unlike years passed, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue will act as a foster for the Department of Animal Services.  Our foster family network will take kittens in need and return them to our friends at DAS for placement as soon as they are big enough to live on their own.  If you are interested in one of our foster kittens, send us a message and we can notify DAS.

We still have young adults and a few adult cats looking for homes.  Send us a message if you want to bring a feline friend into your home!


Thank you for visiting Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue!




#GivingTuesday Community Donations a Success!

Bottle-Baby Tiki


Because of the warm fall season, kittens just keep coming into San Diego’s Shelters and Humane Societies.  Tiki and her siblings Mini Me (also disabled) and Crazee K arrived to Ferdinand’s Familia the middle of November 2017.  Tiki and Mini Me are probably the products of in-breeding, both front paws are genetically disabled.  Placement for Tiki and Mini Me will be difficult as their care will be for life-their lives!  AND THAT IS OKAY!

About 5% of the animals that come into the care of Ferdinand’s Familia are offered sanctuary, where they are given food, love and permanent shelter.  Our volunteer staff gives their time, love and resources offering care, compassion and assistance in the eventual placement of animal relations that come into our care.  Without their selfless work, we could not secure a second chance for animals like Tiki.

Your #GIVINGTUESDAY Gift not only helps animal relations like Tiki, but provides food, bedding, vet care and covers transportation costs for all animals looking for a second, third and even fourth chance to live out their lives.

Not everyone can adopt an animal relation, but anyone can make a donation to help the humans who help the animal relations coming into our care.  Like any other non-profit organization, we depend on ALL COMMUNITIES to keep our doors open.  PLEASE MAKE A GENEROUS DONATION TODAY AND VISIT OUR DONATE TODAY WEBSITE PAGE.

Thank you for visiting our website and have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!


Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue & Sanctuary has jump started the

Rescue to Recovery in Action!

In 2008, women from a San Diego Residential Recovery home were some of the
first volunteers to help get the Rescue on its’ feet!  Back then, horses were the
primary rescue & sanctuary animals at the ranch.  Walking, grooming and picking up
poop for our equine friends was a Sunday afternoon event for both the women and
the horses.

FAST FORWARD TO 2017!  Thanks to Hector of Southwest High School and a local Residential Program, RESCUE TO RECOVERY is back on its feet and in action.  Taking care of the chickens
and pot-bellied pigs in the rescue and sanctuary is keeping everyone busy.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to pay for transportation costs for
the women of the program, chicken feed, pig feed or any other farm need, please visit
our DONATE TODAY page on this website.  EVERY BIT HELPS!



Elliott The Senior Pig…

ElliotRanchFeb2017 (2)

In early February, Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue became adoption partners with the Irvine Animal Care Center.  Our first joint placement is ELLIOTT THE SENIOR PIG!

Elliott is fitting in great with all of the farm animals at the rescue ranch.  Elliott’s roommate is another Senior Pig-MS. BECKHAM!  These 2 old souls are full of love and enjoying their retirement.

Tours of the ranch are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  If you would like a ranch tour, including meeting Elliott and Ms. Beckham, please contact Michael at 619.850.9442.  If you would like to make a donation for our ongoing care of Elliott and other Senior Farm Animals, PLEASE VISIT OUR DONATE TODAY page on this website.   All donations great and small are welcomed!

Thank you for visiting our website!






Disabled Buddies Jim Rose & Bugsy!

Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue is San Diego’s All-Species Animal Rescue & Sanctuary! We are partners with San Diego’s Department of Animal Services, San Diego’s Humane Societies, Good Dog Rez Q, the Pasadena and Ramona Humane Societies!

Like other Non-Profit Organizations we depend on the support and kindness of individuals, businesses and communities! We advocate a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. If you love animals-LOVE all animals! Cows, pigs, chickens, ducks are our friends, not food.

Volunteering, Fostering and Adopting are all spokes in the wheel to support our work to serve our animal relations. In-Kind Donations are also welcome. All donations great and small mean everything. AND!, DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

We are coming up on the end of the year and if you need to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year-DO IT RIGHT HERE! DO IT RIGHT NOW!



Ringo loves Michael

Michael is one of Ferdinand’s Familia’s Officers.  A founding member of Ferdinand’s Familia, Michael is currently the Ranch Manager offering public tours on Saturday and by appointment tours on Sunday.  Dedicating 24 hours of his day to animal rescue and placement, contact Michael if you would like to volunteer your time to our animal relations; he can be reached at 619.850.9442.  Thank you!

Mumbles and Janice

Mumbles and Janice

Janice is also a founding member of Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue.  She is currently the liaison between Ferdinand’s and All Adoption Partners.  She also works with cat, dog and rabbit foster families and organizes community adoption events.



Terri at the Ranch with a Smile!


Terri is a Board Member and has been guiding Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue since the beginning.  A lover of all things cat, Terri can help you get some bottle-babies in your home-IF YOU WANT!







Kay Kim. Korean born, Peta member, humanitarian. Student, hairstylist and waitress. World traveler animal lover extraordinaire.  Kay K started her life with Ferdinand’s Familia as a foster.  Her leadership skills and passion for all creatures great and small quickly morphed into a Board Member.  Here with one of her Failed Fosters, Cooper, these 2 are inseparable!


Kay K and Cooper staying warm